Letter published in Dec/Jan Rothwell Record – Tory Cuts

It’s just 20 months since the the Liberal Democrat councillors joined forces
with the Tories so they could run Leeds City Council. In this time they have
already cut dozens of essential services in Leeds. It is quite obvious who is
taking a lead in running the council as one Tory cut after another emerges. The
cuts include shutting hostels for the homeless, cutting money for children in
care, cutting warden and home care visits for older people, cutting funding to a
vital detox centre for those trying to beat alcohol addiction, cancelling a
scheme to protect women fleeing domestic violence, increasing nursery fees for
poorer families, increasing charges for older people to use the council’s
leisure centres. These cuts threaten the wellbing and safety of families,
children and older people all over Leeds. They axed Middleton Park bonfire and
stopped thousands of people in south Leeds from enjoying the bonfire and
fireworks in safety. Mark Harris, the Lib Dem leader, has spent thousands of
pounds flying to China while cutting grants to local Chinese groups in Leeds.
The latest trip to China is Councillor Mark Harris’ second trip to China in just
over a year. The Tory and Lib Dem Council have denied funding for the Proof of
Age Partnership that helps to stop the sale of alcohol, fireworks and cigarettes
to under age children, every other council in West Yorkshire supports protecting
young people from the dangers of alcohol abuse from illegal sales. I hope that
Rothwell residents will remember when it comes to the local elections in May
that voting Lib Dem in Rothwell allows a Tory council in through the back

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