Clamp down on under age drinking in Rothwell

It’s good to see that the local police in Rothwell are taking the
problem of under age drinking seriously. In a recent exercise, a
fourteen year old was sent into ten premises to buy alcohol and only
four refused to sell the alcohol to him. It is quite right that the six
offenders were issued with penalty notices and warnings. Outlets
selling alcohol should be well aware that anyone under 21 must be able
to prove they are 18.  Anyone under 18 caught buying alcohol  will
receive a 50 pounds fixed penalty, over 18s selling to minors receive
an 80 pounds fixed penalty. I think for those selling to under 18s the
penalty should be higher!

It’s a disgrace that the Tories and Liberal
Dems who joined forces to run the council in Leeds have denied funding
for the Proof of Age Partnership that helps to stop the sale of
alcohol, fireworks and cigarettes to under age children. All of the
other councils in West Yorkshire support protecting young people from
the dangers of alcohol abuse from illegal sales.

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