Rothwell crime falls

Fantastic news – figures show that the Governement’s initiatives on crime are working locally!

Crime figures are falling by an average of 35 per cent in the Rothwell
policing area, with the amount of robberies declining 35 per cent.
Burglary has reduced by 26 per cent – 168 less victims than the
previous year.  Theft of motor vehicles is down by 40 per cent,
235 less victims. Theft from motor vehicles reduced by 50 per cent.

The figures are as discussed at last week’s Rothwell community police
meeting and reported in this week’s Wakefield Express, Rothwell

Whilst these figures are excellent and certainly a step in the right
direction, Supt Nicholson advises residents not to become complacent,
escpecially as over 50 per cent of burglaries are sneak-ins. This is
people sneaking in through open doors and windows.

A lot done, a lot more to do!

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