Elmet and Rothwell Labour selection starts

Yesterday the Labour Party officially started the process to select the Labour candidate for Elmet and Rothwell in the 2015 general election. Today we’ll also find out what Tory chancellor George Osborne has planned in his Comprehensive Spending Review for further cuts and how they might hurt people in Elmet and Rothwell.

Before I announced that I was standing I was humbled by the councillors and local members who encouraged me to put my name forward. Since I publicly announced that I was standing I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I’ve received from local Elmet and Rothwell members, as well as colleagues on Leeds City Council.

I already know many of the Elmet and Rothwell members, but over the course of the next few weeks I aim to revisit old friends and colleagues that I’ve got to know and worked with over the last 20 years, as well as meeting new ones.

I’ll be posting updates here on my blog and on my Facebook page Karen for Elmet and Rothwell. And you can also follow me on Twitter.

Labour’s Made by the Many local election video

In case you missed it this is Labour’s Made by the Many video for the local elections that are happening in many parts of the country. We don’t have any in Elmet and Rothwell as there are no elections to Leeds City Council this year, but neighbouring North Yorkshire does have elections.

Elmet and Rothwell endorsement from former GMB trade union convenor

Local Labour Party and trade union members are coming forward to endorse Karen as the best candidate in Elmet and Rothwell to beat Alec Shelbrooke at the next general election.

Bob DysonRecently retired GMB Trade Union Convenor at Leeds City Council, and local Rothwell Labour Party member, Bob Dyson said:

“A good local councillor who knows the constituency like Karen is just what we need to beat the Tories and win Elmet and Rothwell back for Labour.”

Backing Rothwell Town Forum in speech at full meeting of Leeds City Council

I’m at the full meeting of Leeds City Council. My new ward colleague David Nagle has just given his maiden speech about our fight to save the allotments in Rothwell.

I spoke on setting up the Rothwell Town Forum and this is gist of what I said:

I was elected last year as a Rothwell councillor and it was obvious to me that the town of Rothwell, like many other areas, is crying out for new life. Some of our shops are struggling and we need more footfall down Commercial Street.  I’m passionate about helping to do this. Which is why I called a public meeting to start a Rothwell Town Forum.

We have a fantastic asset in our town centre with some great individual shops which I totally support, god forbid we should end up with our high streets being full of nothing but identical chain shops replacing our much loved individual local shops and no Olywn Fox providing true local service, but instead only Currys with its know nothing assistants; and no Brew tea rooms, but only Starbucks on every street.

We have to make the most of what we have in Rothwell and not only fight to keep our individuality but help our centre to realise its full potential and draw people here. I want to see us build on the unique character that Rothwell has whilst at the same time bringing it into the 21st century. We need to offer people something which cannot be matched by out of town shopping centres or the internet.

We also have other pockets throughout the district including in Woodlesford, Oulton and Carlton with fantastic shops which also have huge potential and also need our support.

There was a huge amount of enthusiasm at the first meeting for the need to do something, despite some of the challenges and setbacks traders have faced in the past. This will only work with the community coming together to help themselves and I’m sure that we can do it.

Some great ideas came out of the meeting like the need for improved signage, a directory and newsletter promoting all local businesses that could be distributed to every house in Rothwell, experimenting with late night opening for one night a week, looking at what could be done to improve the semi-pedestranisation of Commercial Street, how businesses could work together with joint promotions, perhaps creating a ‘Rothwell Pound’ – a special currency that can only be spent in Rothwell, a community notice board and better business support and advice.

And we’ve got our role to play. Keith did a great job chairing the “Commission on the Future of Local Government.” But we’ve got to ensure that it’s more than just words and truly embrace entrepreneurship. Too often our local traders face petty bureaucratic restrictions and as a council we aren’t flexible enough to meet the real needs of people.That has to change. And we here should be that change.

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Bonfire night in Rothwell Friday 4 November


Guy Fawkes Bonfire

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It’s almost Bonfire Night and in Rothwell we’re gearing up for the community bonfire and fireworks display. Yorkshire has a huge connection with the original gunpowder plot – Guy Fawkes was born not far away in York .

I’m delighted that I will be lighting the bonfire this year. The fire will be lit at 7pm with the firework display at 7.30pm. The event is being organised by Leeds City Council supported by Rothwell District Lions Club.

Rothwell District Lions Club are actively involved this year as every year. The Rothwell Lions do a marvellous job on behalf of the community. The Lions Club Motto is ‘We Serve’. In the case of Rothwell District Lions, this is to serve and support our local community, organising and helping out at events such as the Rothwell Carnival, the annual May day Duck Race and the Rothwell Park Bonfire. Every December the lions escort Father Christmas on his sleigh visiting  homes in the area.

We’re hoping for a record turnout in Springhead Park for 2011 so I hope to see you all there for what’s sure to be a marvellous display for all the family to light up the skies of Rothwell once again!

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