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Elmet and Rothwell Labour Party selection process

The process to select Elmet and Rothwell’s Parliamentary candidate has now officially started. The process has two main parts. The first is the nominations stage which finishes on the evening of Tuesday, July 16 when all five branches hold their nomination meetings.

Every eligible member from Garforth and Swillington, Harewood, Kippax and Methley, Rothwell and Wetherby branches can attend a nomination meeting in Garforth. The nomination meetings are at 8:30pm, but it’s important to get their early as you can’t take part unless you are on time. At 7:30pm at the same venue there is an opportunity to ‘informally’ meet the candidates. Unfortunately Labour Party rules exclude anybody who is unable to get to Garforth from the other end of the constituency.

Once all five branches and affiliate organisations have nominated candidates then the ‘shortlisting committee’ interviews the candidates and draws up a shortlist of candidates that members can vote for. The shortlist has four Labour Party members from the constituency on it and two members from an affiliate trade union. It’s not just branches that can nominate, it’s also trade unions and other affiliate organisations. As there are several trade unions affiliated to the constituency it is important that members also make their local nominations through their branches.

The shortlisted candidates then have an opportunity to campaign throughout the summer and provide members with information to help them make a decision.

The final vote takes place at 4:00pm at a ‘Hustings Meeting’ on Sunday, September 8. The candidates will make a speech and answer questions. If you can’t attend the meeting then you can apply for a postal vote, which you’ve got to do by 9:00am Wednesday, July 24. Bizarrely this actually means the day before as post won’t arrive in time for the deadline! If something happens after the deadline you can still apply for an emergency postal vote up to Monday, September 2 (with the same bizarre 9:00am deadline).

Unfortunately the Labour Party’s very old-fashioned processes don’t allow you to vote online for either the nominations or the final vote.

If you’ve any questions at all about the Elmet and Rothwell selection process then I’m happy to help. All of my contact details are here.



The ‘Org Sub’ committee of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) met on March 12 and decided that the Elmet and Rothwell Constituency Labour Party (CLP) should choose its candidate for the 2015 general election from an all women shortlist.

Before this decision I’d already been asked by several local members in various branches throughout the constituency if I would consider putting my name forward for selection. Therefore on March 16 I announced my decision to stand for selection.

The timetable for the selection hasn’t yet been published and will be agreed by the executive committee of the Elmet and Rothwell CLP with the regional office of the Labour Party acting as the representative of the NEC. A full copy of the rules and procedures are available on the Labour Party website. Briefly some of the most important stages are:

  1. Once a timetable has been agreed then the CLP executive will appoint a procedures secretary and selection committee that is representative of the constituency.
  2. Local branches and affiliates (such as trade unions) nominate candidates from amongst those who have submitted CVs.
  3. The selection committee will then draw up a shortlist of candidates to go before members.
  4. Local members have an opportunity to meet candidates and receive letters and other literature from them.

The final stage is a hustings meeting and voting (if you can’t make the meeting then it is still possible to vote by post).

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

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