NHS 65th Birthday Gala in Leeds

The big event this weekend is the BIG NHS Birthday Gala to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the NHS. While the Tories and Liberal Democrat chums slash their way through public services lets not forget what a Labour government achieved in austere times. We created the NHS, embarked on a massive house building programme and founded the modern welfare state.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 29) there is a massive gala in Millennium Square, Leeds from 11am to 3pm. The gala is supported by the TUC, Unison and host of other organisations.

Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton is speaking and the guest compere is well-known Labour supporter John Middleton (better known as Ashley from Emmerdale). It’s a fun, family event with a steel orchestra, circus skills and face painting amongst the attractions.

NHS birthday gala, Leeds

When people know the truth they back the bin workers and street cleaners

Karen Bruce with Councillor Ted Hanley and Unison banner

I’m a bit late posting this photo, because I’ve been busy out talking to Labour Party members in Elmet and Rothwell for the Parliamentary selection. On Thursday I went with my daughter Esme to join the demonstration outside Leeds Civic Hall in support of the bin workers and street cleaners who are having their pay slashed by the Tory/Lib Dem council. It was a great event and everyone was rooting for the Unite, Unison and GMB members.

On Friday I had dinner with friends who aren’t particularly political, but were disgusted and horrified when they discovered what the bin strike was actually about. They had no idea that these hard workers, who are out every day in all weathers, were facing such massive pay cuts – £5-£6K when they only earn about £18K to begin with. It totally changed their perspective on the strike from being annoyed that their bins hadn’t been entered to being furious at Tory and Lib Dem councillors who are treating the refuse workers to shamefully.

Unite the Union nominates me for Elmet and Rothwell

unite logo I’m delighted and honoured to be able to let you all know that Unite the Union, Britain’s biggest trade union, has nominated me to be the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Elmet and Rothwell. Every local Labour Party branch and affiliated organisation (which includes trade unions) is allowed to nominate three prospective candidates – one man, one woman and one BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnic). I’m the only local candidate to receive a nomination. This is a real boost and local members have already contacted me to say how pleased they are. One texted me to say: “I’m glad Unite are fully supporting you.”

The support of Unite for me as the local candidate is really important to me. The Labour Party was born from within the trade union movement and it’s not a link that she should let lapse. I’ve been a union member for all my working life. First as a member of Unison, when I was a local government officer and Unison was Britain’s biggest trade union. I then joined the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) which merged with Amicus to become Unite the Union, which overtook Unison to take the top slot as the biggest trade union.

Despite the differences and hiccups along the way Labour needs the unions and the unions need Labour. That’s why I’m so delighted to have Unite’s support.

Tory and Lib Dem councillors attack on unions bring bin strike closer

The talks between Leeds City Council and the trade unions (Unite, GMB, Unison) have failed. About what you’d expect when they are the responsibility of a Liberal Democrat leader of a Tory/Lib Dem council.

The trade unions have been trying to have a sensible discussion with Leeds City Council as to how to resolve the proposed pay cuts which the council is trying to impose on bin workers as a result of the court rulings to do with the different pay levels between men and women doing similar jobs. Led by Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Richard Brett, the Tory/Lib Dem council has been obstructive every step of the way.The council is proposing massive£6,000 per year pay cuts for the hard working staff in the refuse and street cleaning departments.

Bill Chard, organiser for the GMB explained: “There seems to be a complete lack of understanding and basic decency on behalf of the leadership of the council and their highly paid managers. I cannot comprehend why they believe such huge cuts of this magnitude would be acceptable to our members. This strike will cause mayhem in Leeds and they must take the blame.

“Our members take this action out of desperation; they know however they juggle their home finances they will not be able to pay their household bills. This situation has been hanging over their families for over 12 months, it is intolerable. I hope that council leader Richard Brett can live with his conscience.”

A bin strike won’t be good for the people of Leeds and is likely to cause us all considerable inconvenience. But the Tories and Lib Dems should remember that Leeds folk are made of strong stuff and they won’t take kindly to a handful of well-paid councillors trying to cut the pay of workers who provide us with essential services.