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Action for Fleet Lane flooding problems

Rothwell resident and former Rothwell councillor Brian Walker contacted both me and the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council to try and get an on-going problem of the blocked culvert under railway lines near Fleet Lane, Woodlesford resolved. It was causing problems for youngsters not being able to use their local football facilities. The Rothwell […]

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NHS 65th Birthday Gala in Leeds

The big event this weekend is the BIG NHS Birthday Gala to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the NHS. While the Tories and Liberal Democrat chums slash their way through public services lets not forget what a Labour government achieved in austere times. We created the NHS, embarked on a massive house building programme and […]

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Help to save Rothwell’s Victoria and Reservoir allotments

The fight to save the Victoria and Reservoir allotments rages on despite their sale by the private landowner to two new landowners. The new owner has already served the council with a year’s notice on the Reservoir site. I’m meeting regularly with the council leader to explore every option for saving the allotments, including a […]

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