Garforth and Swillington member and Rothwell Councillor David Nagle backs Karen

Rothwell Councillor David Nagle the latest Elmet and Rothwell member to endorse Karen. David is a Garforth and Swillington member and former chair of Swillington parish council. Until this year he was also the long-standing treasurer of Elmet and Rothwell constituency Labour Party. David said:

Karen Bruce and David Nagle at Rothwell sports centre

“I have know Karen for many years, both as a councillor and as a friend. I have always respected her and I am happy to endorse Karen as parliamentary candidate for Elmet and Rothwell. Karen will do a great job, I am certain as our next MP.”

Jean Waite of Swillington supports Karen Bruce for Elmet and Rothwell

I want to say thank you to Jean Waite of Swillington who is the latest local member to want to announce their support for me to be Labour’s candidate for Elmet and Rothwell:

Jean said: “We need a candidate who takes notice of what constituents say and looks out for working people. A candidate who takes the Tory government to task so they get elected and we have the Labour government the country needs.”

Local community Dementia cafe stalwart endorses Karen

It’s not just local Labour Party members who are coming forward to endorse Karen as the best person for the job in Elmet and Rothwell, but also influential members of the local community.

Cllr Karen Bruce, Peter Smith and Cllr David Nagle at Rothwell Tea Cosy Cafe

Peter Smith, the man behind Rothwell’s nationally acclaimed (BBC Breakfast News no less!) Tea Cosy Dementia Cafe commented on Karen’s Facebook page:

“Good luck Karen. You have done so much in Rothwell, especially supporting local groups and organisations. Look forward to your first Prime Minister’s questions”

We’re working with Peter to help make Rothwell the first Dementia friendly place in Leeds and want local businesses and service providers to sign up to learn how to be more supportive to people with dementia.

Elmet and Rothwell endorsement from former GMB trade union convenor

Local Labour Party and trade union members are coming forward to endorse Karen as the best candidate in Elmet and Rothwell to beat Alec Shelbrooke at the next general election.

Bob DysonRecently retired GMB Trade Union Convenor at Leeds City Council, and local Rothwell Labour Party member, Bob Dyson said:

“A good local councillor who knows the constituency like Karen is just what we need to beat the Tories and win Elmet and Rothwell back for Labour.”