About Karen

My name is Karen Bruce and I am the first Labour councillor to be elected in Rothwell in the 21st century when I won the seat off the Liberal Democrats in May 2011. I work with my Labour ward colleague Cllr David Nagle to get the best deal for the people in Rothwell, Woodlesford, Oulton and Carlton. As a local councillor I spend most of my time working with and helping community groups such as residents associations and sports clubs. That means I’m often attending public meetings to listen to what people have to say and talk about how we as local councillors might be able to help them. It’s very challenging today as the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government has slashed Leeds City Council’s budget, while giving comparatively more money to councils in the south. I also spend a lot of time helping individual residents with case work which might be anything from making sure their bins are emptied on time to helping a homeless family find somewhere local to live.

If you live in the Rothwell ward and want to get in touch the best way is via the contact form on this website. The more information you provide the easier it is for me to assist you. If you don’t live in Rothwell ward then you can find contact details for your local councillors here. If you live in Elmet and Rothwell constituency and want to get in touch with the Labour Party then you can contact our parliamentary candidate Veronica King.

Your Labour councillors also run regular advice surgeries where you can come and meet one of us:

Brew tea rooms, Commercial Street, Rothwell
1st Friday of each month 10.30am onwards

Midland House, Midland Street, Woodlesford
2nd Saturday of each month 10.00am onwards

Rothwell Morrisons
3rd Saturday of the month 10.30am onwards

Please note we don’t hold advice surgeries in December or on Bank Holidays.

As well as all my work locally within the ward helping local community groups and people I also sit on several council committees. I am chair of the Outer South Community Committee and a member of the Licensing Committee.